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Tara the Art of Coconut Water

Tara coconut water is the revolution of tasteful beverages that help rejuvenate the body. Perfect for your active lifestyle as it restores hydration and replenishes electrolytes with every drink.

Clear your mind with the refreshing taste that warps you to paradise as soon as it hits your taste buds.

"All paths lead to paradise when you crack open a can of Tara Coconut Water."

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"All paths lead to
paradise when you
crack open a can of
Tara Coconut Water."

The "Art" of Coconut Water

Our beverages don't only taste good, but they also look good!

what do we mean by that?

Well, take a brief moment and check out your coconut beverage section.....

Bland, right?

Our artistically designed cans are here to bring life to your stores shelf while bringing great taste to your customers!

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Pure tasting.

Refreshing and authentic.

Paradise for your taste buds.

It's great for the body!

Tara Coconut Water is low in calories and also contains several electrolytes that support increased hydration.
In fact, it’s on par with the electrolytes in sports beverages.
It is an excellent source of potassium, and also contains magnesium, calcium, and sodium in lesser amounts.
Being packed with vitamins and minerals is what makes Tara Coconut Water so nutritious. Having antioxidants in your diet is essential to staying healthy and youthful from the inside out and Tara Coconut Water is filled with them!

Tara blends well. Be inspired!

Tara Coconut water has the natural taste of paradise and is great on its own...but Tara also mixes well! Here are a few ideas that will help you bring paradise to your party.

Sparkling Strawberry Gin Cocktail
- 6-8 fresh strawberries
- 2 sprigs fresh mint
- 1 teaspoon sugar
- 1 oz gin
- 3 oz Tara Coconut Water
- 3 oz soda water
1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle strawberries, mint, and sugar.
2. Add ice, gin, and Tara Coconut Water. Shake vigorously.
3. Strain over ice and top off with soda water.
4. Garnish with fresh strawberries.

Frozen Pineapple Coconut Rum Cocktail
- 3 oz pineapple juice
- 3 oz Tara Coconut Water
- 1 oz Malibu Rum
- Ice
1. Combine all ingredients in the cup of a magic bullet (Increase quantities for more drinks and use a full sized blender)
2. Blend until smooth.
3. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

Spicy Tequila & Lemonade Cocktail
- 1 oz tequila
- 3 oz coconut water
- 3 oz fresh lemonade
- 1/2 jalapeno thinly sliced
1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously.
2. Pour over ice and enjoy! Garnish with additional jalapeño slices.

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